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Jual Water Meter Itron 15 mm


The Multimag TMII Cyble is an excellent multi-jet turbine water meter, ready for automated metering reading (AMR). Following the increasing need of automation in the metering application, Multimag TMII Cyble has been developed in order to provide very good and durable metrology performance combined with fully AMR capabilities.

Features and Benefits :

  • AMR Ready
  • Anti Fraud register
  • Reliable
  • Robust


Pre-equipped register that enables the use of Cyble communicating modules. At anytime the Cyble modules can be easily mounted, making it a powerful communicating device for several AMR systems :

  • Radio walk-by systems
  • Radio fixed data collection
  • M-bus wired systems
  • Any other system based on pulse outputs


Equipped with very robust hydraulic components combined with an extra-dry register and a magnetic trasnmission. It rsults in durable and reliable metrology perormance.

Metrology Performance

Available in two different metrology classes R50 and R100 in horizontal position according to ISO 404-1:2005. The class R100 version is much more accurate, measuring lower water flow rates, generating more reliable and precise data.

Approvals and Certifications

  • ISO 4064 and derivative standard
  • SNI 2547 :2008
  • MID/LNE certificate
  • CE (Europe) F-06-G-1328
  • Industrial Design No. 0 006 942
  • TKDN

Anti Fraud Features

  • Copper Can Cyble Register
  • Exclusive and patended Anti Fraud 3G cover and protection ring
  • Protection against magnetic tampering up to 2500 gauss

Main Characteristics

  • Enhanced design and technologies combining high performanced with long-term reliability
  • High quality engineering materials

Special Request

  • Customer logo printed on register
  • Barcode print/sticker
  • Different ring color for identification


The Multimag Cyble can be equipped with Cyble modules, becoming a remote reading interface

Benefits and Characteristics :

  • Fast reading and generate bill
  • Leak detection
  • Backflow detection
  • Fraud detection
  • Study of customers habits
  • Reliable
  • Immune to magnetic fraud
  • Field tested for over 5 years

Accessories Meter

  • No-return Valve (NRV)
  • Meter box additional protection
  • Security sealed copuling
  • Accessories meter (coupling set, lockable valve, stop valve)

Technical Characteristic :

Nominal Diameter (DN) : 15 mm

Accuracy Class/ Ratio: R50

Minimum Flow rate (Q1) : 32 L/h

Transitional Flow Rate (Qt/Q2) : 128 L/h

Permanent Flow Rate (Qn/Qt) : 1.6 m3/h

Overload Flow Rate (Qmax/Q4) : 2.0 m3/h

Maximum allowed flow rate (Qh) : 3.0 m3/h

Typical starting flow rate : <10 L/h

Temperature metrology max. : 30°C

Temperature class : 50°C

Maximum Admissible Pressure (MAP) : 16 bar

Pressure lost at Q3 : 0.25 bar

Pressure lost at Qh : <1.0 bar

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