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Hot Water Meter Sensus 3 Inch WP-Dynamic

Main Characteristics :

Patended hydrodynamically balanced rotor

Patended symmetrical calibration adjustment

Hemetically sealed register  (IP 68)

Register may be rotated through 360°

High overload capability

Removable measuring element

Up to 3 pulsers  ( 1 x OD, 2 x RD) may be fited without breaking the approval seal

Powder coating affords maximum corrosion protection


Application :

Flow sensor for heat meters for commercial and light industrial use DN 50 bis 150 for customer billing

For measurement of hot process water up to 130°C

For high permanent flow rate such us as generaed by pumps, as well as for the measurement of low flow rates in off-peaks periods

Installation in horizontal and vertical pipe lines.


Performance Data WP-Dynamic 130 °C

Nominal Diameter : DN 80

(Qmax) Max. Peak Flow once in life time 24 h Qmax or 5 Min. 1,2 x Q max: 90 m³/h

(Qn) Continuous Flow (±2%) : 45 m³/h

(Qt) Transitional flow (±2%) : 3.2 m³/h

(Qmin) Minimum Flow : (±2%) : 1.4 m³/h

(Qmin) Starting flow : 0.35 m³/h


Performance data table according to DIN EN 1434

Nominal Diameter : DN 80

(qs) Overload Flowrate : 80 m³/h

(qp) Continuous Flow Horizontal : 40 m³/h

(qih) Minimum Flow Horizontal : 1.6 m³/h

(qiv) Minimum Flow Vertical : 4 m³/h

(qp/qi) Ratio Horizontal : 25

(qp/qi) Ratio Vertical : 10

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