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Application and General Characteristic :

  • It controls and maintains a preset upstream pressure regardless of variations in flow rate
  • Always mounted in line, it prevents the pump from reducing its suction pressure below the security point. It prevents also from exceeding the pumping capacity when the demand is higher.

Working principal :

When upstream pressure is getting lower than the pressure required by the pilot Q, the pilot will close and limit the flow circulation. The upstream pressure pushes on the membrane of the main valve A which closes.

When upstream pressure increases, pilot Q will open and release the pressure from the membrane of the main valve A which opens.


Description Material
A Main Valve Cast iron
B Upstream isolation valve Nickel plated brass
B1 Downstream isolation valve Nickel plated brass
C Drain clock Brass
D Chamber isolation valve Nickel plated brass
G Strainer Brass
H Orifice Stainless steel
Q Pilote valve CL301 Inox

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