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Water Meter Powogaz Sizes : 2″ (50 mm)

Detail Product : Flow Meter Powogaz | Meteran Air Sizes 2″ (50mm)

Water meter,lcheln VOD Du-50 (water meter,water meter) MZ-50 PoWoGaz,Turbine water meters with a diameter of 50 mm. is Applied in systems of cold and hot water supply,high quality and durable in use.Counters Polish production plant PoWoGaz certified in Ukraine.Counters attorneys,the state of the counters as in the photo. Those.

Features :

Min Flow rate Of 0.45 cubic meters/hour,

Nominal flow rate of 15 cubic meters/hour,

Max. flow rate 30 CC/h,

Mounting length 200 mm

Connection Flange.

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