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Itron Aquadis Water Meter DN 40

AQUADIS Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter.

Aquadis Is An MID 2004/22/EC Approved Piston Type Water Meter For Residential And Commercial And Industrial Billing Appilications.

The Technology

Aquadis Combines The Advantages Of Piston Type Technology Together With Proven Reliabilityof The Extra Dry Register. No Gear Is In Contact With Water

The High Technology Implemented To Manufacture Measuring Chamber Ensures Stable And Durable Accuracy Of Aquadis Meter.

Metrological Performances

  • Very Low Starting Flow Allows Leakage Detection
  • Large Measuring Range

Robustness :

  • Robust Hermetically Sealed IP68 Register TVM (Copper Can/Mineral Glass Enclosure) To Face All Field Situations, DN 20/25/30 In Option And DN 40/60/65 In Standard
  • Plastic Register TSN Equipped With Wiper To Ensure Readabity In Tough Humid Conditions (Stadard For DN 20/25/30)
  • Maximum Admissible Working Pressure In 16 Bar

Easy Reading

  • Rotations Close To 360 Degree On Site
  • Large Numbered Rollers With Good Contrast For Excellent Reading Capability

Communication Device
Pre-Equipped For Future Communication Through Cyble.

Working Principle :

The Aquadis Has Two Main Components : The Hydraulics That Allows Measurement Of The Water And The Register That Displays The Measured Water Volume

Transmission Interface Between Those Components Is Achieved By A Strong Magnetic Coupling :

  1. Aquadis Is A Piston Type Volumetric Meter
  2. Each Rotation Of The Piston In The Measuring Chamber Rpresents A Given Volume Of Water Passing Through, With Extra-Dry Registers
  3. Gears Are Protected By Water And Air Proof Enclosure

Communication :

The Aquadis Is Supplied Pre-Equipped With Cyble Target

Allows Communication And Remote Reading Through :

  • Pulse Output (Cyble Sensor)
  • M-Bus Protocol (Cyble M-Bus)
  • Radio Frequency Wireless Link (Cyble RF)

Key Advantages Of Cyble Technlogy

  • No Need For Additional On Th Meter To Implement Remote Reading
  • Itron Standardized Meter Interface, Irrespective Of Meter Technology And Widely Spread On Itron Water Meters Range
  • Reliability Bhrought By Electronic Switch (No Wear Or Bouncing)
  • Reverse Flow Management
  • Principle Proven On The Field With A 20 Years Experience
  • Pre-Equipped Being Immune To Magnetic Tampering

Metrological Characteristics : 

Nominal Diameter (DN) : 40 Mm (1.5 Inches)

Dynamic Range MID (R) – All Positions : 63-100

Permanent Flow Rate (Q3) : 10 M³/H

Standard Ratio Q3/Q1 : 100 M³/H

Minimum Flow Rate (Q1) : 100 L/H

Transitional Flow Rate (Q2) : 160 L/H

Overload Flow Rate (Q4) : 12.5 M³/H

Pressure Loss At (Q3) : <0.25 Bar

Pressure Loss At (Q4) : <1 Bar

Maximum Admissible Pressure (MAP) : 16 Bar

Maximum Admissible Temperature : +0,1….+30 °C

Operating Temperature : +5….+55 °C

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