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Portable HART Communicator ALIA AHT530 Series

Detail Product :

AHT530 is a battery-powered, hand-held unit designed to configure, calibrate and troubleshoot to smart transmitter either remotely or nearby. AHT530 allows you to establish communication with a Hart field instrument over the existing 4-20 mA DC lines, covering the five process variables of flow, pressure, temperature and level, control valve etc.
  • Common to most smart field Instruments
  • AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable battery available
  • Battery operation time more than 100 Hours
  • Low battery alarm
  • Self-check function / Automatic power-off
  • Large display (21 characters by 8 lines)
  • Microprocessor-based field communicator
  • USB port to charge

Spesification Product :

Display: Power:
LCD dot matrix, 21 characters * 8 lines Battery
Keyboard: Three AA alkaline Batteries
20 general keys, one power switch Three Ni-MH Batteries (Rechargeable)
Signal Connection: Operable Time
Alligator clip or grabber clip Alkaline Battery: Up to 150 Hours
Cable Length Ni-MH battery: Up to 100 Hours
1.5 M Charge up time
Function: Less than 12 Hours
Display, setup and alteration of parameter Dimensions:
Zero point adjustment, calibration 231mm(L) x 102mm(W) x 61mm (H)
Auto power-off Battery Charger:
Communication Line: USB connect with computer
Line length 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Up to 1500 M Weight:
Load Resistance 0.4Kg (Communicator)
250 to 600 ohm 1 Kg (Including accessories)
Load Capacitance Standard Package:
Less than 0.22 uF  ATH530 Hart Communicator * 1set
Load Inductance Communication cable 1.5m * 1 pair
Less than 3.3 mH  USB connector 1.5M (Charge) * 1 set
Power Consumption: Ni-MH Battery 1.5V * 3 pcs
191.3mA (Working state) Power Adapter 90-260Vac * 1 set
1uA (Power-off state) Alligator Clip * 1 pair
Material: Grabber clip * 1 pair
Case Shoulder bag * 1 set
ABS resin
Protection Class:
Operating Temperature:
-20 oC ~ 55 oC
Storage Temperature:
-20 oC ~ 65 oC
Ambient Humidity:
90% RH or less


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