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PoWogaz JS Hot Water Meter | Air Panas

Detail Product :

The JS Hot Water Meters are suitable for domestic installation and small sized feeds of hot water up to 90°C. They can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation as they use a Single Jet measuring style which is not affected by the change in flow direction.
This range can be supplied in 15 and 20mm connection sizes with BSP unions supplied giving a BSP Male threaded connection. They are MID approved making them suitable for Billing applications.
The JS Hot Water Meters use a dry dial design so there is no deterioration through contact with water directly on the dial and its mechanisms. The only moving part that make contact with the water is the turbine impeller inside the meter body. The dial itself can be rotated to make reading the meters easier visually.
Pulsed versions of the JS Hot Water Meters can also be supplied which include the NK Pulse Output, generally in a 1 litre per pulse ratio. Using the pulse output, the Meters can be linked to a remote data collection network. Alongside the Pulsed Output, an M-Bus version is also available offering the use of this meter in a wired or wireless M-Bus network.

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