Detail KROHNE ALTOSONIC III Cost effective 3-beam ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons Excellent long-term stability and high reliabilty Eliminates maintenance Non-intrusive, no moving parts; no pressure loss, no wear Compliant with OIML R-117 and API KROHNE’s ALTOSONIC III offers decisive advantage over conventional, mechanical flowmeters in custody transfer metering applications. The absence … Read moreKROHNE ALTOSONIC FLOW METER


Detail KROHNE OPTISONIC 7300C BIOGAS Ultrasonic process gas flow measurement Measurement of dry and wet biogas with variable composition Integrated methane content measurement No moving parts and no pressure The OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas offers an ultrasonic measurement solution for biogas and landfill gas. Biogas, generated from bio feed stocks by fermentation, mainly contains methane and … Read moreKROHNE OPTISONIC 7300C BIOGAS


Detail KROHNE OPTILUX 4040C 2-wire connection without additional cabling As dynamic, reliable and accurate as a 4-wire EMF Unimpeded pipe cross-section No additional pressure loss Minimum conductivity 5 μS/cm Intrinsically safe connection OPTIFLUX 4040 C is an electromagnetic flowmeter in 2-wire technology with the dynamics, reliability and accuracy of a 4-wire EMF. OPTIFLUX 4040 C … Read moreKROHNE OPTILUX 4040C


Highlights Three beams generate a measurement effectively independent of flow profile Major performance improvement by applying innovative electronics and digital signal processing (DSP) Optional pressure and temperature inputs for calculation of standardised volumetric flow or mass flow according to API 2540 or customer specifics Over 20.000 ultrasonic flowmeters installed worldwide Easy to install and operate … Read moreKROHNE UFM 3030C


Highlights Trusted and accepted flow sensor for all process applications Proven in use and unsurpassed lifetime Large installed base – more than 300.000 units – in virtually any industry All welded rugged construction, to extend lifetime of equipment Good corrosion, erosion / abrasion resistance Wide choice of materials for housing & flanges including SS, Duplex, … Read moreKROHNE FLOW SENSOR OPTIFLUX 4000

Krohne ENVIROMAG 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Detail Product : The Krohne ENVIROMAG 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter is suitable for either clean, homogeneous or dirty, non-homogeneous flow applications. Configurable into a number of system designs, the ENVIROMAG 2000 is is designed for use with either the Krohne IFC 100 or Krohne IFC 300 flow converters. The ENVIROMAG features either polyurethane or hard … Read moreKrohne ENVIROMAG 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Krohne OPTISONIC 3400 Flow Meter

The Krohne OPTISONIC 3400 Flow Meter is a 3-beam, inline, ultra sonic flowmeter, designed especially for measuring homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids, with high accuracy and reproducibility, over a long period of time. KROHNE is a main supplier for ultrasonic in-line process flowmeters for liquids with the largest installed base / proven record in terms … Read moreKrohne OPTISONIC 3400 Flow Meter

Krohne WATERFLUX 3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Detail Product : The Krohne WATERFLUX 3000 Electromagnetic Flowmeter strength lies in its unique construction with a rectangular and reduced cross section and its efficient coil construction. The coils provide a stronger and more homogeneous magnetic field, leading to an improved signal to noise ratio. The measurement is therefore independent of the flow profile and … Read moreKrohne WATERFLUX 3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic flowmeter for conductive liquids as compact device in flange version – OPTIFLUX 2050 C

Detail Product : Product characteristics tough flange version Drinking water approvals Applicable to +90 °C / +194 °F medium temperature Free adjustable signal converter Application areas Measure water, wastewater, seawater and cooling water Water abstraction, water purification and desalination Leakage detection

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