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Jual Flow Meter Avery Hardoll BM 450 Series

Avery Hardoll BM Series flowmeters are precision made, positive displacement, liquid measuring instruments that maintain the higest level of accuracy over a lifetime of operation. Simplicity of design and accuracy has resulted in the Avery-Hardoll BM Series meters to being the most preferred meters by aviation fueling operators and airlines in internatonal markets.

BM Series bulkmeters are manufactured in three basic sizes with different ratings identified by a series number.

The series numbers, sizes, flow rates, and a brief description of each series of meter are shown below.



Serial Number : BM450

Manifolds : 3 inches, 76 millimeters

Flow Rates : 45– 450 Imperrial Gallons, 200 – 2050 liters

General Description : Double Capsule Meters



  • The BM Series bulkmeters consist of three main assemblies: the manifold, body assembly and rotor assembly
  • The higher rating of the larger meters is achieved by bolting two or three body capsules together and fitting double or triple rotor assemblies with a larger manifold to suit
  • A calibrating mechanism and mechanical register are also attached to the front end cover
  • The calibrating mechanism can be replaced by a front cover incorporating a pulse transmitter when required for electronic systems, such as MASTERLOAD II™ or MASTERLOAD III™ registers


Spesification :

Meter Series : BM450

Pipeline Size :2-2½” (63mm)

Flow Rate : 25 to 250 Imp. Gal, 115 to 1140 lpm, 7 to 68 M³/h

Flanges Conform To : ASA 150 FF

Flanges Material : Ductile Iron Stee



The BM Series flowmeter directly converts volume to rotational output with minimum scope for error and with minimal disturbance from surrounding conditions, such as turbulence from nearby valves, bends, and other system conditions.

  • Positive displacement measurement
  • 115 to 4000 LPM (30 to 1000 GPM) flow rates
  • Unequalled performance in measurement

The positive displacement principle is the ONLY accurate method of measuring fluid flow.  No other technology can achieve such accuracy because measurement becomes inferred, which is indirect and subject to assumption. The Avery-Hardoll® bulkmeter directly converts volume to rotational output with minimum scope for error and with minimal disturbance from surrounding conditions, eg. turbulence from nearby valves, bends, etc.



  • The product enters the meter through the inlet manifold (1) and causes the rotor (4) to revolve by pressure on the vanes (3).
  • The proximity of the rotor (4) to the body (2) forms an efficient seal, whilst the profile of the casing ensures that the vanes (3) are guided through the measuring crescent (5), where the volume of product is accurately measured.
  • Product at line pressure fills the spaces between the inner (6) and outer (7) end covers providing pressure balanced inner end covers which are therefore protected from distortion due to changes in line pressure.
  • An extension shaft driving through a pressure tight gland in the meter front cover, transmits the rotor revolutions to the calibrating gearing (8) which drives the counter (9).


Viscous Products

Avery-Hardoll bulkmeters can be used on all petroleum products of all viscosities. However there is obviously an increase in pressure drop with more viscous fuels which, under normal circumstances, will limit the maximum flow rate obtainable.

It is recommended that the pressure drop through a bulkmeter should not exceed 15 psi (one bar), above which the load on the bearings will start to cause wear. Consequently when using products with viscosities (at operating conditions) above 100 centistokes, it is necessary to reduce the maximum permitted flowrate. As a guide it is suggested that the pressure drop through the meter should not exceed 10 psi (0.7 bar) for continuous running at maximum speed or 15 psi (one bar) for continuous running at half speed.

Pressure Loss

The low pressure drop for the BM series of Avery-Hardoll bulkmeters is displayed below:


Maximum working pressure: 10.5 bar (150 psi)

Test pressure: 21 bar (300 psi)

Temperature range: -28ºC to 100ºC

Volume per revolution:

  • 2.27 litres (single capsule)
  • 4.54 litres (double capsule)
  • 6.82 litres (triple capsule)

Repeatability (typically): .02%

Calibration :

  • Calibration adjustment is provided to minimize the meter error at any selected flowrate. Adjustment is stepless; no gear changing is necessary; the calibration screw is easily accessible after breaking a seal and removing a sealing screw.
  • All meters are tested to 300 psi (21 bar).
  • All meters are tested before dispatch at a range of flow rates, and test certificates can be supplied if requested.
  • The fluid used for testing is odorless kerosene.
    • Specific gravity at 60/60ºF, 15/15ºC = 0.8
    • Viscosity at 60ºF, 15ºC = 2.4 centistokes.
  • Suggested correction to be made to the calibrating mechanism when used with products with different viscosities as follows:
    • Gasoline + 0.1% + means increase counter readings
    • Kerosene 0.0% – means decrease counter readings
    • Gas Oil – 0.1%
    • Fuel Oil – 0.22%


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