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PoWogaz MWN Hot Water Meter

Hot Water Meter Powogaz

Detail Product :

For higher temperature systems on commercial and larger demands of flow, the MWN Hot Water Meters can be supplied. The MWN Meters are designed to suit the needs of larger sized pipework and flow rates with a maximum operating temperature of 130°C. This Woltmann style of Water Meter uses an impeller style measuring system which can work in both horizontal and vertical positions. The MWN Hot Water Meters are all MID approved for Billing installations.
From 40mm up to 300mm a PN16 Flanged Connection is supplied as standard, alongside the option of a BSP Union connection for the 50mm. This design of a Woltmann meter with a 2″ BSP union connection is unique to the MWN range.
Pulsed versions of the MWNs are available in the form of MWN-NK Models which include a reed switch and cable to wire to. The output ratios vary between 10 litres per pulse and 100 litres per pulse as the sizes of meter are increased but all models can be changed to meet ratio requirements from 10 litres per pulse up to 1000 litres per pulse. Just like the JS and JSC ranges from PoWogaz, an M-Bus output is also available giving the MWN the suitability to be used on either a wired or wireless M-Bus network.

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